Common tech myths you should stop believing

by Jake Wyatt

Last updated on 19th October, 2022

As technology evolves continually, best practices also develop. However, tricks, tips, and hacks that could have been useful for earlier technologies may not be applicable now. And some of the information that is widely disseminated might not even be accurate or useful.

It might be challenging to determine if information is accurate or not given the rapid development of new technology. In order for you to know whether or not a friend’s claim that a Mac computer cannot catch a virus is true, we have included some of the biggest technological myths below. Let’s set the record straight.

Private browsing/Incognito Mode browsing keeps you anonymous


A lot of people feel safer when browsing in incognito/private mode because there’s a misconception that browsing in this mode gives you total privacy or anonymity. Fact is that this does not guarantee you 100% safety as your Internet Service Provider (ISP) still keep track of all your activities on the internet. It also won’t hide your identity from websites you visit. This might help if other people have access to your device and you do not want them to know what you’ve been doing online. Bear that in mind if you’re visiting websites you’re not supposed to.

Charging your phone overnight destroys the battery

As a Tech guy, I hear this most of the time but I want to set the record straight that there’s no proof whatsoever. Charging your mobile phone overnight won’t destroy the battery unless maybe the phone was manufactured over 15 years ago. Modern smart phones are smart enough to stop charging when they’ve reached their maximum capacity.

Mast or Telecommunication Towers pose long term heath risk

There’s this misconception that people who live close to a mast for longer period risk having health issues. This is not true. There is no evidence scientifically to prove that exposure levels from living close to a mast pose any danger to human health. No research of the position of these towers near communities has revealed any serious health dangers to be concerned about.

Mac Computers can’t get Virus

This totally false. Mac computer are vulnerable to malwares and viruses, even though not as compared to Windows PCs. Although the Mac operating system is more resistant to the threat of viruses and malware by design, there are still several ways that viruses can infiltrate it.

The bigger the megapixel of a smartphone, the better the picture quality

The size of a camera’s pixel does not always indicate how well an image would turn out. In reality, your smartphone’s lens and sensor have a greater impact on picture quality. Therefore, even if your phone’s camera has several pixels a defective lens could cause your photos to still turn out poorly.

Signal bar indicate the strength of the network.

This is actually not always the case. Signal bars just show you how far you are from the closest tower. The real strength is dependent on the number of users connected to the same tower.

You Should Charge a Phone Only from Zero Percent

Low battery

No, doing this will rather cause your battery to wear out faster. 

The best way however is to always keep your phone battery somewhere between 30 and 90%. This will extend the lifespan of your battery.

The Cloud Is in the Sky

Some people actually believe that cloud or cloud computing means that data is stored in the actual sky in some way. No. This is just a figure of speech. Cloud computing is based on the use of remote servers. You have no idea where those servers are. As a result, an illusion of a cloud.

Frequently charging your battery degrades your battery performance

This misconception states the exact opposite of what is true. Modern batteries are designed to operate better when charged on a regular basis. So, whenever you feel like plugging in your smartphone, do so without hesitation.

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