Ewe (Eʋe) Names and their meanings

by Jake Wyatt

Last updated on 20th September, 2022

Ewe people can be found in Ghana, Benin, Togo, as well as a few other West African countries.

Most given Ewe names have stories behind them, and parents frequently choose a name for their child based on a variety of considerations.

For instance, a mother who is thankful for her newborn may name the child Akpe which means “Thank you”. (You represent the creator in this context)

Sometimes parents name their child based on a situation they find themselves in. Others name their children after people whose lives are worth emulating. Some parents give their children specific names because he/she is the only surviving child. Here’s a compilation of Ewe (Eʋe) names and their meanings. Most of these names are gender-neutral.

Ewe NameMeaning
ZanetorMay the darkness end
AgbemafleLife cannot be bought
EtornamHe (God) has answered me
AgbenyoLife is good
AgbenyegaLife is the greatest
EdemHe (God) has saved/delivered me
NuyantiTree of knowledge
MawuliThere is God
SenyaGod knows
SenyoGood Destiny
AkpeneThank thee
AmewugaHuman is more precious than money
AgbekoIf only there’s life
AsiwomeIn thy hands
DelaliThe savior lives
DelasiIn the savior’s hands
DzidzemePeaceful heart
Dzidzorm/DziedzormI’m glad/Happiness
DzifaComfort/Peace at heart
ElikplimHe (God) is with me
ElemawusiIt’s in God’s hands
ElikemHe (God) has established me
Elorm/ElomHe (God) loves/adores me
EsinuWaiting upon the lord
GameliThere’s time for everything
EnyaHe (God) know
EnyamHe (God) knows me
ExornamHe has saved me
EsenamHe (God) has heard me
Enyonam/EnyornamIt’s good for me
EwoenamHe (God) has done it for me
EmefaCalmness/Peace within
EyraHe (God) blesses
EyramHe (God) has blessed me/I am blessed
FoliFirst son
FafaliThere’s peace/calmness
KafuiPraise Him (God)
KlenamShine for me
LebenamTake good care of me
LebeneTake good care of him/her
MawukoExcept God/Only God
MawufemorGod’s way
MawusiIn God’s hands
MawulinamGod lives for me
MawuenaGod gives
MawuenamGod has given me/It is God who gives
MawunyaGod knows
MawuenyagaGod is the greatest
MawulikplimGod is with me
MawulikplimiGod is with us
MawutorBelongs to God
MawuseGod hears
MakafuiI will praise him (God)
MazinkpiI will be silent
SedemGod has saved/delivered me
SedenamI am lucky
SedufiaGod reigns
SefaGod of peace
Sefakor/SefadziGod has comforted me
SeliGood lives
SelinamGod lives for/with me
SeyramGod has blessed me
Selorm/SelomGod loves me
SegbefiaA listening king
SesiIn God’s hands
SeseGod hears
SenamGod’s gift to me/ God gives me
SenameGod’s gift to mankind
SenanuGod is the giver
SenyegbeHear my voice
SenyaGod knows
SelaseThe hearer (God) hears
SenyoGod is good
SetorBelongs to God/God has answered
TsoeneLeave it to him (God)
TsoenemawuLeave it to God
Xornam/HornamSave me
WorlanyoThe creator is good
WorlasiIn the creator’s hand
VademCome and save me
valikemCome and establish me
VayramCome and bless me
VormawuFear God
YesutorBelongs to Jesus
YramBless me
YormawuCall God

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