Facebook Rolls Out New Tools for Customizing Feeds

by Irvin Carter

Last updated on 14th October, 2022

Facebook’s main function is to facilitate communication and community interaction. People engaging more frequent through open and relatable material, such as fresh recipes, new inventions etc. Facebook suggests posts from authors and organizations you might not be familiar with for you to explore and debate alongside from your friends, Groups and pages. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, what you see in your Feed is specifically tailored to your preferences.

This week, the social network made it possible to choose how much of its recommendations as well as information from the people and organizations you follow or you view. People will soon have the option to tap the three-dot menu in the top right corner of a post or Reel to “Display more” or “Display less,” correspondingly, to momentarily increase or decrease its rating score. This feature will appear “periodically” in users’ Feeds.

According to Facebook’s announcement, they are providing more options for incorporating direct feedback into Feed ranking and improving the intelligence and responsiveness of their artificial intelligence systems. How long the “temporary” modification will last is unknown. One can always conceal specific posts, snooze anyone, or unfollow them entirely if, for example, less is more. There isn’t a substitute for seeing more of a particular type of information right now except seeking it out yourself

They are still looking on ways to let you choose how much content from your connected friends and relatives, groups, pages, and public figures appears in your Feed. Feed Preferences contains additional features like Favorites, snooze, and reconnect.

Facebook opened up about its News Feed technology last year, detailing how the machine learning ranking algorithm functions and the difficulties in creating a network that can tailor information for more than 2 billion users. It added that predictions are based on a number of variables, such as what and who you’ve lately followed, liked, or connected with. Click here for more information on this roll out.

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