Five Forthcoming WhatsApp Features You Need To Be Aware Of

by Irvin Carter

Last updated on 25th October, 2022

Among the most widely used instant messaging applications, WhatsApp, is renowned for releasing new features on a regular basis. In addition to brand-new emoji’s and other entertaining features, WhatsApp also brings improvements to privacy. We also know what to expect from next WhatsApp upgrades thanks to WABetaInfo’s updates on WhatsApp Beta advancements.

The following list of five anticipated WhatsApp features should be familiar to you.

Clickable links on WhatsApp Status

WhatsApp Status updates, the app’s equivalent of the popular ‘stories’ feature seen on most platforms these days, are getting a minor but important upgrade that will permit hyperlinking URLs in status updates captions. This will enable users to exchange URLs to their own websites and pages as well as other fascinating pages they come across online, with viewers being able to open the same pages by simply clicking on the links.

A screenshot of the “View Once” file is being blocked.

WhatsApp is working on a feature that will prevent users from taking screenshots. All regular users should have access to the feature soon. Users will have the option to configure screenshot and screen-recording blocks for “view once” media files which will be shared with peers and other contacts. This prevents other users from screenshotting your ‘View Once’ media and increases confidentiality.

WhatsApp Business Premium

For WhatsApp Business users, the app is also developing a WhatsApp Premium subscription model. WhatsApp Premium, like Telegram Premium, which would provide extra advantages to business users for as long as they paid for the service. Mobile business links and the possibility to connect more than four devices to a single account are among the features available. When the subscription goes live, we may see even more additions.

Edit sent messages on iPhone

A new feature that will allow you to alter sent text messages is apparently being developed for the instant messaging service owned by Meta. You won’t have to worry about typing errors anymore, so to speak. The WhatsApp developer tracker WABetaInfo has reported the development. The study states that “after a message has been altered, the label “Edited” will appear.”

WhatsApp Desktop will soon have a sidebar and status updates.

All WhatsApp Desktop users should soon have access to a new sidebar and status updates. Users of WhatsApp for Desktop will be able to see the status updates of their contacts and respond to them just like they would on a phone thanks to the status responses feature. The status updates tab, preferences, and profile can all be easily accessed via the sidebar in the meanwhile.

New Business Tool Tab coming to WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business users will soon receive a new tab on the app’s home screen. The Business Tool tab, which replaces the camera item on the far left, will serve as a single portal for business users where they can quickly access Business Tools without having to navigate through the in-app settings. These features includes catalog settings, maintenance of the business profile, and ad connection with Facebook and Instagram.

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