Google Sheets: Every Keyboard Shortcut You Need for Windows

by Jake Wyatt

Last updated on 11th October, 2022

To make the most of Google Sheets on Windows, you should use all of the keyboard shortcuts. Due to that, we’ve compiled them all into one comprehensive list just like we’ve done for Microsoft Excel Shortcuts. These shortcuts can help you with quick navigation, formatting, editing, and so much more.

Note: a plus “+” in the following shortcuts indicates that the required keys be pressed at the same time
Common Actions
No.Keyboard ShortcutDescription
1Ctrl + SpaceTo Select column
2Ctrl + FFind
3Shift + SpaceTo Select row
4Ctrl + ATo  Select all
5Ctrl + Shift + VTo Paste values only
6Ctrl + ZTo Undo last action
7Shift + F11To  Insert a new sheet
8Ctrl + YRedo
9Ctrl + VPaste
10Ctrl + HTo Find and replace
11Ctrl + OTo Open a spreadsheet
12Ctrl + XTo Cut selected cells
13Ctrl + PTo Print current spreadsheet
14Ctrl + CTo Copy selected cells
15Ctrl + Shift + FTo Hide/show menu bar
To Navigate Spreadsheet
16HomeTo Move to beginning of row
17Ctrl + HomeTo Move to beginning of cell
18EndTo Move to end of row
19Ctrl + EndTo Move to end of sheet
20Ctrl + Alt + Shift + HTo Open revision history
21Alt + Shift + KTo Display list of sheets
22Ctrl + Shift + Page DownTo Move to next sheet
23Ctrl + BackspaceTo Scroll to active cell
24Alt + Shift + KTo Display list of sheets
25Ctrl + Shift + Page UpTo Move to previous sheet
To Open a Menu
26Alt + F (Chrome); Alt + Shift + FTo Open Format menu
27Alt + I (Chrome); Alt + Shift + ITo Open Insert menu
28Alt + E (Chrome); Alt + Shift + ETo Open Edit menu
29Alt + F (Chrome); Alt + Shift + FTo Open File menu
30Alt + V (Chrome); Alt + Shift + VTo Open View menu
31Alt + D (Chrome)To Open Data menu
32Alt + TTo Open Tools menu
33Alt + NTo Open Add-ons menu
34Alt + H (Chrome)To Open Help menu
35Ctrl + Shift + \To Open Context menu
36Ctrl + BTo Bold selected cells
To Format Cells
37Ctrl + Shift + ECenter align
38Ctrl + Shift + LLeft align
39Ctrl + Shift + RRight align
40Ctrl + BTo Bolden selected cells
41Ctrl + ITo Italicize selected cells
42Ctrl + UTo Underline selected cells
43Alt + Shift + 5To Strikethrough selected cells
44Ctrl + KTo Insert link
45Ctrl + Shift + ;Insert current time
46Ctrl + ;Insert current date
47Ctrl + Alt + Shift + ;Insert current date and time
48Ctrl + Shift + 1Format as decimal
49Ctrl + Shift + 2Format as time
50Ctrl + Shift + 3Format as date
51Ctrl + Shift + 4Format as currency
52Ctrl + Shift + 5Format as percentage
53Ctrl + Shift + 6Format as exponent
54Ctrl + \Clear formatting
To Add or change Rows and Columns
55Ctrl + Alt + –To  Delete row/column
56Ctrl + Alt + Shift + =To  Insert new row/column
57Ctrl + Shift + 9To Unhide row
58Ctrl + Alt + 9To Hide row
59Ctrl + Alt + 0To Hide column
60Ctrl + Shift + 0To Unhide column
61Alt + Shift + Right arrowTo Group rows or columns
62Alt + Shift + Left arrowTo Ungroup rows or columns
63Alt + Shift + Down arrowTo Expand grouped rows or columns
64Alt + Shift + Up arrowTo Collapse grouped rows or columns
To Edit Notes and Comments
65Shift + F2Insert/edit note
66Ctrl + Alt + MInsert/edit comment
67Ctrl + Alt + Shift + ATo Open comment discussion thread

We sincerely hope that these tips are useful to you. You should be able to memorize these shortcut keys if you use Google Sheets on a regular basis. Please let us know in the comments if we missed anything or if you have any suggestions.

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