How To Download YouTube Videos without Any Software

by Jake Wyatt

Last updated on 19th October, 2022

Without a doubt, the most popular website for watching videos is YouTube. When you need videos for your search, YouTube is usually always among the search results, whether it’s a joke, tutorial, or music video.

It is important to keep in mind that not all YouTube videos can be downloaded even though the site has a specific “offline” feature. At this point, people start looking for alternative methods of saving YouTube videos to their device, it would be awful if you had to use software to download your desired videos all the time. People then start exploring for alternative methods to download YouTube videos without using any software.

We are going to show you a simple way to perform this task without any stress.

Disclaimer: Note that downloading YouTube videos is against the site’s terms of service. You are allowed to download YouTube videos that are exempt from copyright restrictions, such as those marked as Creative Commons (CC) or with past-due copyrights.

Ready? Let’s go download YouTube Videos…

Video Tutorial

If you’d prefer written instructions, just keep reading.

– Add “ss” Before “…” in the address bar

1. Go to and click on the video you wish to download.

2. In the address bar, type “ss” after “www.” and before “…”

Add “ss” before “

3. Press enter and you’ll be redirected to the “” download page

4. Select your preferred video quality and tap “Download” to save the video on your computer.

Select the appropriate video quality and click “Download

– You can equally go to “” website and paste the video link. This will generate a download link for you to be able to download the video.


We sincerely hope that you will find this material helpful. Let us know what you think in the comment area. If you also believe we overlooked something, please share your thoughts with us. Tell us in the comments area, please.

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