Most Useful Microsoft Word Features That You Should Know In 2023

by Irvin Carter

Last updated on 10th January, 2023

Microsoft office is the most popular word processor across the globe due to the fact that it is easy to use and comprehend.

However, even regular Word users may be surprised of how versatile the app is or how many functions it has beyond the basic editing commands we are all familiar with.

In this article we’ll take time to explore some of Microsoft Word’s most useful features you never imagined or thought existed that will significantly increase your work efficiency rate. We have also compiles a list of 40 Most useful Excel Shortcuts in our previous article. You can check it out as well.

1. Have Word Read To You

There’s a built-in text-to-speech feature in Microsoft Word that can read your document. With this feature, you’ll hear your text read aloud to you. For the visually handicapped, having Microsoft Word read is a fantastic feature. Ultimately this feature is useful in saving time by having Word read to you while you’re busy with other things.

To make the Speak icon accessible on your Quick Access Toolbar, you have to go through this one-time setup before using it:

Step 1 : Click on the down arrow on the Quick Access Toolbar.

Step 2 : Then select More Commands from the list of options that appears.

Step 3 : In the Word Options dialog box, select All Commands , from the Choose Command From drop-down list,.

Step 4 : Scroll down the list of commands to find and highlight Speak.

Step 5 : Then Click the Add button. The Speak option would be added to your Quick Access Toolbar.

Step 6: To close the dialog box, click OK .

You can now gain access to the Speak option through the quick access toolbar.
Simply follow these steps to have Word read your text aloud:

Highlight the text that you would  like Microsoft Word to read to you.
As shown below, select the Speak icon.

To Stop MS Word from reading Text to you, click on the Speak icon again.

2. Double-click to write anywhere in a Word document

You do not need to press Enter and Spacebar to go to a certain spot of the page when  you want to write text. All you have to do is  Simply double-click any space on your page to move your pointer there and begin writing.

3. Screen Clipping

If you want to manually select a particular area of your screen and then insert it into your document, the Screen Clipping feature would be of help to you. With this feature you’ll be able to select a rectangular area of your screen to capture and insert into your document.

These are the steps involved to gain access to the feature

Step 1 :Place your cursor exactly where you wish the screenshot to be inserted in your Microsoft Word document.

Step 2 :From the menu bar, click on Insert > Screenshot > Screen Clipping.

Step 3 :A drawing pointer appears. Use it to draw a rectangular area of your screen to capture.

Your screenshot is now inserted. You can now resize and re-position it in the document.

4. Protect your private documents with a password

 Working from home has become a norm these days, you may have very important and confidential documents on your personal PC that are either confidential, privileged or legally protected by laws.

Password protection is highly recommended to provide extra security to a document. Which means one would have to know the password to gain access to the document.

Step 1 :Click “File” in the top-left corner.

Step 2 : Click “Protect Document” on the window that appears and then “Encrypt with Password.”

Step 3: You’ll be asked to give it a password. Make sure you’d remember what you type in there because there’s no way to recover your password once you forget it.

5. To write accented or special characters, use these simple keyboard shortcuts

For multi lingual users, typing letters with accents can be challenging.

 Microsoft Word, luckily has a number of keyboard shortcuts that makes it simple to insert accented characters. For instance, if you want to type Ó, press Ctrl +’+ O simultaneously.

6. Use the “Translate” feature to read and write in foreign languages in Microsoft Word

For you to be able to translate text to another language, its simple, just highlight the text then you right-click and tap “Translate“. The text will be displayed in the Translator panel, and you can then choose the language to which it should be translated to.



The translated text can then be inserted into the document using “Insert.”

7. Triple Click to Highlight a Paragraph

There’s a simple tip that quickly highlights an entire paragraph. A Simply triple-click on your left mouse button anywhere within a paragraph highlights the whole paragraph.

8. Type by speaking with the Dictation Tool in Microsoft 365

With Microsoft Words “Dictate” button found at the top-right corner of the “Home” menu , you can easily convert your speech into words.

This is excellent for quickly taking notes during lectures , workshops, forums or recording interviews.

All you require is a microphone and reliable internet connection. Though you will need to make a few corrections here and there within the text, A lot of time would be saved compared to the traditional typing we normally undertake.

9.Use Smart Lookup to search the Internet with Leaving Microsoft Word

Whenever  a word or phrase is highlighted  and then right-clicked , you’ll see “Smart Lookup,” on the pop-up menu. “Smart Lookup”  acts as a quick shortcut to browsing the web — without having to leave MS word for a separate browser window for your search. This amazing tool can turn a simple enquiry into a variety of facts.



10. Use Auto-Update Date and Time

Is there’s a document that you often use by just changing or updating a few details? If the document has time and or date on it don’t stress , just allow Microsoft Word automatically update it for you.

Follow the steps below to insert a date that’s automatically updates itself.

1.At the Insert tab, click Date & Time in the Text group

2. the Date & Time dialog box pops up , select the format you like.
3. Now select the Update automatically checkbox.

The date will be inserted and be automatically updated.

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