New Apple products we’re anticipating in 2022 : iPhone 14 Max to AirPods Pro 2

by Irvin Carter

Last updated on 29th September, 2022

Apple has already had a busy year, with the release of the iPhone SE 3 and Mac Studio at its ‘Peek Performance’ event, as well as the announcement of iOS 16 at WWDC. However, some of the most anticipated devices for 2022 are expected to be released in the fall, ahead of the critical holiday shopping season. Apple is preparing to release a number of new products, including the iPhone 14 series, the long-rumored iPad Pro sequel, and the second-generation AirPods Pro. Here are three such Apple products that we’re most excited to see in 2022.

iPhone 14 Max

The iPhone 14 Max has the potential to be the most intriguing smartphone of 2022. Consider the iPhone 14 Max to be a more economical option to the iPhone 14 Pro Max. This gadget can accomplish almost everything that a bigger iPhone can do. So, who will be the iPhone 14 Max’s target market? At its most basic, it’s for anyone who wants a 6.7-inch iPhone but doesn’t necessarily want to spend over a lakh to obtain features like triple cameras on the back, a 120Hz high-refresh-rate screen, and Lidar compatibility that come with Apple’s iPhone Pro series.

Image Credit: TechReviews

Consumers who want a Max are likely to be those who want a bigger screen but are content with a notch on the screen and two cameras on the back of their iPhone X, iPhone 11, or iPhone 12. As previously stated, neither the iPhone 14 nor the iPhone 14 Max will receive the same amount of enhancements as the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

According to a recent leak, the iPhone 14 Max will cost $200 less than the iPhone 14 Pro Max.
An iPhone 13 Pro Max now begins at $1099, putting an iPhone 14 Max at nearly $899.

iPad Pro 12.9

This fall, Apple’s high-end iPad Pro will receive a significant upgrade. However, don’t expect any big design changes. Instead, the bigger, 12.9-inch iPad Pro will retain the previous model’s appearance.
What’s new here might be wireless charging capabilities, which needs the device’s back to have a glass back for inductive charging to operate effectively.

The redesigned iPad Pro with the bigger 12.9-inch screen size may still retain miniLED backlighting, while the 11-inch model will not have the miniLED display.
Both versions are expected to support 5G and M2 chips.
Support for the Magic Keyboard will also be available, however we anticipate Apple will release a new version of the Apple Pencil alongside the iPad Pros.
If your profession requires a lot of writing or if you are a creative type who travels for business, the iPad Pro series has additional functions.

The Airpods Pro are one of the best wireless earphones available, but Apple hasn’t released a new model since 2019.
That might change this year with the release of the second-generation AirPods Pro.
The original AirPods Pro provided premium features including as active noise cancellation and an adjustable fit, which helped to popularize Apple’s high-end earbuds in the sector.
Given the strong competition, Apple needs to come up with something unique to set the AirPods 2 apart from competing earphones.

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