Top 10 AI Websites to Automate Your life

In this article, you will explore the top 10 Artificial Intelligence (AI) websites that can automate your life

by Jake Wyatt

As the world becomes more technologically advanced, AI has become an increasingly powerful tool in our lives. With AI, we can now do more in a shorter amount of time with greater accuracy and efficiency. From automating mundane tasks to controlling complicated processes, AI has the potential to revolutionize the way we live. In this article, we will explore the best AI websites to help you automate your life. We will look at their features, capabilities, and benefits. We will also discuss how they can help you make your life easier while also helping you become more productive. By the end of this article, you will have a better understanding of how AI can be used to automate your life and how you can use AI websites to make your life easier.


Open AI built ChatGPT, a free conversational AI model or chatbot. It understands and responds to user inquiries and inputs using machine learning and natural language processing algorithms.
It converses with users, allowing it to respond to follow-up inquiries, challenge wrong arguments, admit mistakes, and more.
Ask ChatGPT any question and it has the answer for you.


If you are having trouble phrasing your words and writing, you can utilize QuillBot AI’s paraphrasing function.
The difference between it and other rephrasing tools is that it uses cutting-edge AI to forecast, phrase, and rewrite your thoughts. It also provides us with other alternatives for your texts to a phrase, such as synonym analysis, grammatical check, and so on. It is really good for inexperienced writers who want to write but don’t know what correct phrasing is!


Do you wish to produce a portrait, a drawing, or an illustration of your complex thoughts? Is it difficult for you to draw it on paper? What if you could just describe your thoughts in words/texts and draw them? Don’t worry, DALLE 2 will assist you in the same way!

OpenAI’s DALLE 2 is a 12-billion parameter version of GPT-3 trained to produce images from text descriptions using a dataset of text-image combinations, according to an openAI blog post. We discovered that it has a wide range of capabilities, including the ability to anthropomorphize animals and objects, combine unrelated concepts in realistic ways, generate text, and make alterations to existing images. Check DALL·E 2 out

The Person Does Not Exist

It’s incredible that AI can create representations of people who are no longer living and have never lived in the world. It use GAN (Generative Adversarial Network) to generate actual “FAKE PEOPLE”. Check the website and reload the page. In 5 seconds, it generates a fake image of non-existent persons.

Visit their Website

Magic Eraser

It’s yet another fantastic AI-powered photo tool. You can use Magic Eraser to erase any undesired things or objects from your shot.

You can change the brush size; once you’ve done so, simply highlight the area you want to erase. Simply click “erase” to finish. The undesired goods vanish in an instant. When you’re finished, you can save the image.

Big Speak

Big Speak allows you to create realistic-sounding audio from text. It is powered by and employs a combination of machine learning algorithms to achieve the greatest voice creation technology.

Big Speak is a free app created by Oveit, a firm dedicated to delivering cutting-edge technologies to closed-loop payments. Non-registered users can generate files from text of up to 300 characters, while registering in allows them to generate lengthier audio files of up to 1000 characters.

Let’s Enhance

A significant portion of archival work today involves people to convert lower-resolution photos into high-resolution images with greater clarity and detail. Image enhancement is a major matter in today’s world, even if you’re a casual user who wants to convert old low-resolution family photos into high-resolution images for nostalgia’s sake. So, if this is something you wish to accomplish, Let’s Enhance is an easy choice. Using the most recent AI techniques, the website converts low-quality photographs into detailed images. Let’s Enhance can work on any image, no matter how old it is, as long as it is in a processable format.

The service also allows you to upgrade all of your photographs without sacrificing overall picture quality. Of course, you’ll be able to adjust many features of the image, such as tone, texture, and color. Overall, it’s one of the greatest AI websites for editing vintage photos! Check it out

Talk To Books

If you’re a voracious reader, you’re probably always looking for new novels to read. Whether they’re on literature or philosophy, a book reader’s delight in discovering the perfect next read is unparalleled. If you can identify with this emotion, you’ll enjoy the next AI website. Google’s Talk To Books is an experimental AI website. When you open the tool, you will see a search field. You can now type any phrase into the search box, and Talk To Books will locate the nearest book whose ideas match your inquiry. For example, if you type in a sentence with a dystopian bent, Talk To Books would offer books with that topic. It may even present a few fresh viewpoints, bringing up new frontiers and issues for you to investigate!


Writing is difficult for many of us. Finding the right inspiration can take some time, whether you’re writing an Instagram post, a blog, or even a book. Fortunately, AI can assist us with this as well. Rytr provides a plethora of possibilities to provide you with the inspiration you require. You can specify the language, use case, interface, and even the tone with which the material is written. You can also choose any topic you want to write about. There are also some advanced alternatives with varying styles and levels of inventiveness.

The tool is best used to comprehend the various approaches to writing about a specific topic. This tool, of course, operates on a certain level of permutation and combination. It will eventually combine diverse tones to produce something new. So you can use it as a template for your next post!

Check Rytr out

Thing Translator

There are so many AI websites available online today that the majority of them are used for testing purposes. Some AI websites, on the other hand, are highly beneficial in real-life scenarios. Thing Translator is one of these AI websites. It’s ideal to use an example to demonstrate how it works. If you find yourself in a nation where you don’t speak the local language, Thing Translator will be your closest friend. If you want something specific, such as a bottle of water, simply take a photo of it and utilize Thing Translator to find it. The AI will generate the noun for that specific object in the language you provide.

Thing Translator is one of the finest AI websites simply because of its functionality. The website was created at Google’s Creative Lab and makes use of Google’s Machine Learning APIs (Application Programming Interface).

Check it out

In summary, Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools have the potential to revolutionize the way we work and interact with our environment. The tools presented here are just a small part of what will be available in the coming years, and they represent only the beginning of the possibilities that AI offers. With the right applications, these tools will help us to unlock our full potential and to take advantage of the latest innovations in machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Did we miss anything? Kindly tell us in the comment section bellow.

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