Twitter Rebranded: New Features for Premium Subscribers Unveiled

by Irvin Carter

X, the social media platform previously known as Twitter, has recently rolled out new upgrades designed exclusively for its premium subscribers, who pay $8 per month for what was once called Twitter Blue.

One of these innovative additions is a feature that allows premium users to hide their liked posts. Typically, the liked posts tab can be found on a user’s profile, showcasing the content they’ve given a thumbs-up. By choosing to conceal this tab, visitors to a user’s profile will no longer have visibility into the curated list of posts the user has shown appreciation for. Premium subscribers can easily access this option by navigating to the Premium section, then moving to Preferences, and finally exploring Early Access. Inside the Profile Customization tab, they’ll find a checkbox check box that hides the likes tab.

The motivation behind this feature comes from the realization that, unlike retweets, liked posts don’t usually appear in a user’s feed for their followers to see. Consequently, some users have unintentionally liked posts without realizing that other platform users can examine their list of appreciated content. This oversight has led to various awkward situations over the years, from politicians inadvertently endorsing explicit content to X’s owner, Elon Musk, accidentally endorsing posts that promote explicit racism.

In essence, these advancements signify a significant stride in enhancing user privacy and granting users more control over their online presence. They are custom-made for the discerning premium subscribers of X. However, it’s doubtful that the introduction of these features will have a substantial impact on increasing subscriptions to the rebranded paid service, formerly known as Twitter Blue.

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