Users Can Now Combine Videos, GIFs, And Images In A Single Tweet On Twitter.

by Irvin Carter

Last updated on 11th October, 2022

Not long ago Twitter  announced the launch of a new feature that would give its users the ability to integrate videos , photographs and GIFs in a single tweet. Previously, users could only post either a picture, a video, or a GIF in a tweet but not all three together in a tweet.

Reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi earlier this year, discovered the ability to post various types of media in a tweet , with a subsequent TechCrunch article confirming that such a feature was actually being developed.

I know you’re curious and  yearning to to try out the new functionality, simply touch on the photo icon on the tweet composer interface and add the desired media. After that, you can add extra media to the tweet.

The added media will appear in various ways based on the quantity of media you add to a tweet. Say  If you upload an image and a video, the attached media will be side by side.

When you upload more than two media files, for instance, a picture, a video, and a GIF, it will rearrange itself in a grid-like form. However, it appears that Twitter is presently only allowing users to upload up to four individual media files.

Twitter has had a busy week with new rollouts. After announcing earlier in September that its testing an edit button for tweets ( Click here to read article ). The Edit Tweet button is now accessible to Twitter Blue members in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.
In addition, Twitter is rolling out a new full-screen video experience featuring TikTok-like vertical scrolling to bounce between clips to some users.

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